Nigel Wright Group: Graduate Scheme

Following the appointment of new CEO Paul Wilson in 2014, the Nigel Wright Board announced an aggressive recruitment campaign to bring in new talent across its business to ensure that Nigel Wright was adequately resourced to capitalise on market growth and manage increasing demand for its services.

A key part of the broader recruitment drive was the graduate recruitment campaign, launched in April 2014. Following a brief from the Marketing Director, I conceived content for this campaign including the candidate brochure which became a supporting microsite, and slogans which were used on social media as well as airport advertising.

Significantly, I came up with the ‘become friends with our friends’ concept, which was the central feature of the graduate campaign. The idea behind this was that successful recruiters are ‘social butterflies’ who can naturally build strong, long term, mutually beneficial relationships with other people.  Graduates today, who have grown up with social media tools like Facebook and Instagram, have a tacit understanding of how to influence and engage with others and build a social community or network of friends.

By coming to work for Nigel Wright, I wanted to highlighted that successful graduates would therefore naturally become friends with our ‘friends’ – clients like Coca Cola, L’Oreal and Mars.  Click on the images below to see some indicative content and activity from the campaign.


Recruitment Happy hour 2





Grad blog





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