Big Beat Bronson

Interview with Big Beat Bronson, August 2012


Earlier this year Big Beat Bronson was officially launched into the stratosphere. Members Baron Von Alias and MistaBreeze had been working together for over a year anyway, receiving a lot of attention in 2011 when they were voted the best act at the Evolution Festival which led to them being asked to play a slot on the BBC Introducing stage at Radio One’s Big Weekend. When Eliza Lawson collaborated on the tracks Overload and Action Man, as well as becoming a regular fixture in the live show, it made sense to formalize the trio under a new name. BBB, who are often likened to the Beastie Boys, released their debut E.P, May Contain Nuts, on 6th August, which they officially launched at a sell out show at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on 18th.

According to the Baron, recording MCN “…was really easy because we have all known each other for a long time and have a really good rapport so it all just came together.” MistaBreeze added “I think there is definitely a sound that is recognizable as BBB. We are always evolving and trying new things out and our producer really managed to take what we do best as individuals and put it all together in a way that splits genres and keeps us from being pigeon holed.”

Big Beat Bronson will join a host of other North East acts at this year’s Split Parade on 15th September. In Eliza’s words “It’s great to be included! I think it shows that whoever is picking the line up can see what it is we are trying to achieve…its bloody marvellous! As MistaBreeze noted, “It’s good that we are the only Hip Hop act on as it means we will be remembered.” In the North East the Hip Hop label is something that other acts in the genre are not keen to share with BBB. [EL] “I actually think there are people in the scene here that don’t like us to be classed in the same ‘hip hop’ genre as them due to the fact that what we do is largely comedic, uses a broad spectrum of musical influences and has a more commercially appealing sound…we aren’t ‘underground’ enough.” [MB] “…we are taking it to the next level with music videos, promotion, gigs, production, quality of the music and the amount of work that goes into it. This isn’t a hobby, it’s our job.”

BBB weren’t giving anything away of what we should expect at Split but promised “Much like all of our shows, we like to keep it fresh. There have been some ideas but we can’t tell you anything…It would just spoil it!” I asked them what their post Split plans were and the Baron had the answer…”We are embarking upon an intergalactic tour, hitting hotspots such as Uranus and giving Orion’s belt a good whipping and finishing off with a good portion of the Milky Way….In between we shall be hitting large cities in the UK…Keep an ear to the ground for the sounds of us pulsating our way across the universe rounding off by tearing this galaxy a new worm hole…”